Monday, February 16, 2009

Beating up on Bloom

Is it academically cliche to repeatedly defame old theories and theorists?

If so I apologize...

I just think that any taxonimist worth his salt should describe the entire specrum of the heirarchy on which they claim expertise.

Kate and Tess (my 2 year old twins) are curently learning and thinking at a mad rate. None of what they are doing are represented on Bloom's heirarchy because their thinking must not qualify as HOTS.

But if to them stacking cups and signing songs and learning signs is higher order, then, equitably speaking, shouldn't that qualify?

Evidently I am not the first to come to this realization. Dave did in 1975. Here is his take on it:

The follow up question is this: Could this model then also be interepreted into the world of digital thinkers?

Looking at a glance, the answer must be yes.

From banging on a computer mouse, to touch typing keyboard skills, to writing a first essay, there are applications throughout the spectrum.

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