Saturday, February 14, 2009

Amendments to Bloom's Update

Okay, I just lost my entire post. Rrrrraaats!!!

Boiled down version: Take 2!

At it's highest level of HOTS (higher order thinking skills), the Digital outlook on Bloom is either (a) too easy or (b) too hard.

(a) Too easy. "Creating" a blog or a wiki is a sinch. Anyone can plan, construct, design, etc... a blog that offers nothing but flashing hotdogs.

That's not the height of thought.

(b) Too hard. "Creating" a computer program, animating graphic images, mixing and remixing video or audio or both are all very difficult.

That's supposed to be the point, but these things are also very exclusive.

Lack of money or no way to access equipment means that for many (most?), attainment of the top of the heirarchy is completely off limits. Unattainable.

The original vision of "evaluation" is far more inclusive.

PS. I'd also like to give a shout out to Robin Ulster on her comments about "Creating" and on "Understanding". Well said Robin.

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