Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Copyright vs. Copywrong

The shear amount of content I've stollen from other people off the internet is simply staggering.

250 Gigs wasn't enough to hold all the movies, images and endless lists of songs... 250 GB turned into 750 GB with the purchase of a 500 GB HD, then a 1 TB HD to back it all up.

The quantities of zeros and ones. The storage space it required became increasingly less of an issue as hard drives just kept getting cheaper and cheaper...

At some point in this process, it was not only the storage space that got cheaper; the content in my opinon started to lose some of its artistic value as well.

Surely the artists who spawned these imaginative creations never aspired to have their work randomly fired through cyber space, or shared for free between computer links.

Most of them I'm guessing don't want to work for nothing.

On the other side of the free-share story, file sharing communities have helped to launch bands like my brother's : The New Deal , and gained them much popularity amongst those with complementary musical taste.

For more on good sharing, check out this video about artist who want you to view, listen and use their content.