Monday, October 26, 2009

Final Project

This master's I.T. project of digital storytelling came along at just the right time! The directions provided by FOSS were weak and needed to be far better presented. Digital stroytelling was the prefect way to enhance these lessons.

The science unit of Finding Energy in Ecosystems required studnets to learn and understand that food is the only source of energy for consumers. Like other forms of energy, food can be burned and its energy can be measured (in kilocalories).

Through formative assessment with my first class, I noticed two major areas that required attention.

The first: the direction provided by FOSSin the student hand book were incomplete. Here is a silent movie (captured on Flip Cam by one of my students)that shows how to set up a stable platform for a burning squid-ball snack.

The second: these students have no idea how to use a match! We went through boxes and boxes before I decided that I needed to formally intervien. Here is a short movie (created on PhotoStory 3) that shows 7th graders how to light matches. There is an emphasis on science and of safety, however, I think that if this 'how to' video is successful, many students will go on to light other things on fire.

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  1. Nice work Matt. It's always good to know that we're teaching students to light things on fire safely. :)