Thursday, October 15, 2009

Digital Story Telling

Digital story telling - let me count the ways: voice threads, photostory, audacity, podcasts, movie maker, imovie, slide share, flip cameras, the list goes on and on.
Kim and Jeff did a great job of putting it all together yesterday. Or was it that I was finally ready to hear what they've been saying all along?
Reflective messages keep surfacing for me. If I don't buy in, am I resister? Why am I not on the class blog band wagon? I see no point in podcasts for middle school science. Does this make me a digital stick in the mud?
Some things I warmly embrase: panthernet, google docs, technology that fits the work. So not a resister- I teach the I.T. class for crying out loud! Maybe I'm a late adapter? Not sure...
In fact don't think resiter or late adaprer are branding that are accurate for my place on the spectrum of technology in education.
I also no longer see that distinction as the point of what we are doing in our class- and that's the revelation for me. As educators we must be tech savy and tech aware. The multitude of plaforms with which to tell a digital story are oportunities for our kids to share their thinking in a way that works for them.
I see it now. Thanks Jeff. Thanks Kim.

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