Wednesday, November 11, 2009

From 'Who's Job?' to 'A Healthy Tech Community'

When I first considered the question of ensuring that all outcomes and benchmarks of technology were covered at ISB, my immediate instinct was that the Curriculum Office needs to oversee the process.

After all, they are the ones who have the perspective on what is and is not happening at all grade levels in all subject areas throughout the school. And surely, there are plenty of other PK-12 skills that we value highly as a school but still do not appear on Rubicon; notetaking skills, reading for content skills, listening skills, character attributes, etc...

It is clear that ISB values these skills and characteristics- faculty meetings, in-service specialists, Maggie Moon, Synergy in the middle school; measures are taken to ensure that all of our kids get the right kind of exposure.

So why would technology be any different?

There are many factors that make technology standards very different from any other kind of standard: the speed of changing technology, the readiness of the students, the readiness of the teacher, and the availability of the tools to name a few.

We arrived at the idea that the role of teaching technology is that of the community. Like the different habits of automobile traffic in different cities (a Bangkok traffic jam looks and feels different than a Toronto traffic jam), technology permeates the culture of communities in a similar way, and individuals internalize culture in different ways.

The question that I extend from this point is, how can we ensure a healthy tech community at ISB?

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  1. I'll see your tech community and raise you to a learning community.

    How do we ensure a healthy learning community here at ISB. I do think that technology needs to be a part of that, in fact in this day in age I'm not sure you can have a healthy learning community without technology....

    Which leads me to the next question? Can a teacher be a "quality teacher" if they do not embed the use of technology today?