Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mass Collaboration and The Stanley Cup

Mass Collaboration
Living overseas, we sometimes can feel like we are removed from not only our home land, but our mainstream homeland culture. As a Canadian, the start of the NHL playoffs is one of the times when homeland nostalgia is hard felt.
Reading Jude Fiorillo’s article on Wikinomics about Mass Collaboration, Social Networking and the NFL reminded of something I could do to alleviate that longing for a piece of 2009 hockey heritage. Where did I turn? NHL torrents!
I’ve used torrents before to download music, videos and generally clog up the bandwidth at Samakee Gardens, but have only had a loose understanding of how a torrent actually worked. As I went through the steps to create my account, NHL torrents FORCED me to actually READ the policy that I was agreeing to! (The nerve!)
Their policy was actually an interesting read. It was not drawn up by a team of lawyers, but by people who understood the there were people out there who really want to watch hockey. It was an instant bonding moment. I felt like I was part of a community of people perhaps skattered around the world who feel the same gravitational pull of the Stanley Cup.
The policy went on to specify the ratio of seeding vs. leaching that users need to balance in order to keep their account in good standing. Basically - sharing makes the torrents work better. The greater the mass collaboration, the healthier the community.

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